Stock (with filled cavities), E-Focus, JBR

Been chasing this one since I bought the car almost two years ago. I installed the middle one, from the Focus Electric/ST, today. It replaced the filled stock mount on the left, which had replaced the JBR on the right about a year ago.

The JBR was barely better than a solid mount. Cabin vibration was so bad that the CD player would skip even on the most gentle of launches and cabin noise made conversation difficult at highway speeds. I put it in around Oct/Nov 2015 and it was gone as soon as Spring 2016 showed it face.

The stock mount is filled with polyurethane caulk in an attempt to stiffen it up a bit. It’s an old trick that backyard mechanics would use to stiffen up mounts on the old Protege. Made no noticeable difference over the pre-filled stock mount, but I had no money to replace it and it was livable, so it stuck around for a little over a year.

So far the Focus mount seems better than either. No noticeable NVH differences compared to the stock mount, but rev-matching and clutch engagement in general both seem to have improved. Definitely not as tight as the JBR, but my CD player works fine and I can have conversations with my passengers now, which is an acceptable trade-off.


Now to wait and see if it “breaks in” and softens up or if what I have is what I get.