Installed on 2017-09-15: Raceseng Ashiko Texture Graphite

Late last summer, I decided to change my car’s shift knob. Went with the Raceseng Ashiko in Texture Graphite because...

1) of Raceseng’s solid reputation overall, figuratively and literally (the Ashiko is 1.62 lbs. / 735 grams of 303 Stainless Steel).

2) I thought the Ashiko’s angular form echos the 2nd-gen CTS’s designed-with-a-ruler exterior.


3) it is the heaviest of the shift knobs they offer, which is desireable; plus, my car being the heavyweight that it is at over 4300lbs, ought to be able to handle it.

4) I thought the Texture Graphite finish matches well with the Suede Steering Wheel + Shift Knob option which my car came with from the factory, so it will be essentially OEM+.

Here is the result.

Raceseng’s logo cut into the foam packaging
Opted to have the shift pattern engraved, to further the OEM+ theme
This is the Gate-2 pattern, which is shared with other Tremec TR-6060 cars; from their offering, that consist of the Corvette, Camaro SS, Mustang GT500 and the Viper
With the 6061 Billet Aluminum shift knob adapter (with integrated shift boot retainer)
I could have saved a few dollars by going with Brushed or Beaded finishes left in the silver, so I mulled over that choice for awhile before pulling the trigger. Strangely enough for a Cadillac, I thought this interior to be too dark for a chintzey gleaming silver knob right in the middle.

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