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Installing Windows 10, can Someone Help?

This is the MoBo on a Dell Precision T3600 workstation. I want to apply a clean installation of Windows 10 onto a new Crucial SSD. There’s a thing about this computer that I do not understand: SAS (Serial Attached SCSI). When I installed Windows 7 on this beast, I had to plug the SSD into the SATA0 port in order to install the OS, then switch it back over to HDD0 in order to make the OS drive be SAS. Or something like that. And there’s a bit in the BIOS about Legacy versus UEFI. I just don’t understand what’s going on here. I am certain that the Oppo Brain Trust has people who know exactly what this is about. I have skills, but I need some direction...

I have created a bootable USB thumb drive with the latest Win10 from Microsoft... And that’s another thing, whether the boot sequence will spot the thumb drive or not. I’ve had it go both ways in the many iterations of my attempts.


What I have currently — or did have until I managed a sort of Frankenstein Win 10 upgrade — is the SSD-SAS with the Win7 OS connected to HDD0, an optical drive at SATA0, and a pair of 2TB hard drives mirrored RAID in Windows 7 at HDD1/2. That’s the result I am looking for now, except with a fresh installation of Windows 10 for the OS. Currently, with the OS SSD connected to SATA0, I am no longer able to see the HDD1/2 array.

Thank you, Oppo Wan Kenobi, you’re my only hope!

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