So, I was trying to make that one dish where like you’ve got your thicc noodle (in this case, fettuccine), and you cook it, right, then you like put it in a pan at a low heat and like crack an egg over it with fried prosciutto, right, and it’s all silky and savory and whatnot.

Well... It doesn’t look like when my wife makes it and certainly not how I had it at a restaurant last year. It’s also very dry even when adding the brothy fluids of boilage. I think I didn’t get it out of the pan quickly enough when frying, and didn’t keep it sufficiently moist. I totally fucked up this dish.


On the plus side, it kind of tastes like eggs and bacon, which is delicious... for me. I wouldn’t serve this to someone I was trying to impress, though.

The salad has spinach, raspberry walnut dressing, almonds, chopped apple, goat cheese, and dried cranberries. The bread is of a whole wheat baguette.


Ah, well. Better luck next time, ol' chap.

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