What is the sound of one piston slapping?
What is the sound of one piston slapping?

I find myself incredibly unhappy with the lexus suddenly and was looking at CTS-Vs and other such manual shenanigans. Quoted an ‘05 CTSV on my insurance and it came to $280/mo just for that car. Thinking “hm” I quoted something a bit more reasonable and put in a CPO 2016 Ford Focus base model hatch. $340/mo. Guess I’m just fucking condemned to 90s shitboxes. The issue there is that old manuals like that have clutches too heavy for me to fucking daily and I can’t stand automatics from that era (part of why I’m pissed with my Lexus). Fucking unhappy right now.

clarification edit: insurance expensive because wife totaled two cars. No I can’t just drop her off my insurance for some reason Kansas doesn’t work like that and it’s based on “households”


unhappy with the lexus because it takes five calendar years to shift from 1-2 and the TCC locking and unlocking constantly on the highway noticeably raises my fucking blood pressure. Also the paint’s all dicked up and it needs wheel bearings and my last tank was 17 fucking miles per gallon

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