I'm in the process of breaking out from under my dad's somewhat overcontrolling thumb, and the first part of this is replacing his car (the murdersofa) with a car that I have total control over. This involves getting insurance. I'm 19. ha ha. ha ha haaaaaa.

Shit's expensive, yo.

So far the cheapest I've been able to find is Progressive, which is around $750 a year and doesn't include insurance against Acts of God, somewhat common (hail, tornadoes, houses falling on witches, floods) in Kansas, and considering I'm already trying to fix hail damage on my car I'd really rather not have to do this bullshit again.

Fortunately my mother is sympathetic to my cause (though unable to help financially, which is fine by me) and directed me to an insurance agent that would get quotes from all major and some local insurance providers and give me the cheapest/best (not the same ting) options. Yay!

Also my boss has promised me more hours! Double yay!

Now I need to find tail lights and possibly injectors for a 98 Civic sedan. From what I can see a set of tail light lenses is about $70 at the cheapest on ebay. Ugh. And a set of injectors is $110. At these rates I might just get some fucking trailer lights and used injectors from a salvage yard.