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Insurance Claim Question

TL;DR: Other driver’s insurance offering little more than half the estimates in order to settle claim. Can I get them up to the estimate amount?

A few weeks back, as I was in the conga-line slowly advancing towards the road after dropping my daughter at school, a guy in a Audi Q7 rear-ended me in my Civic Si.


It was a low-speed collision; there was minimal damage to both vehicles. On mine, some scratches, and one maybe one-inch long punch through the bumper cover.

He didn’t want to go through insurance, until I took it to two body shops and got estimates of $660 and $710. Then he changed his tune.


That led to my taking a bunch of pictures and submitting to Allstate through their app... which then led to an offer of under $400.

They say, in effect, “When you take it in to get fixed, if the actual cost exceeds our offer, we’ll amend it to the actual amount.”


My quandary is: I’m not sure I really want to get it done. It *might* be sufficiently hidden by a little bit of filler and some touch-up. But if that doesn’t work, I don’t want to be left having accepted roughly $300 less than the cost to fix it.

Is it reasonable and possible to negotiate with the insurer on something like this? Or perhaps to work with the body shop and see what they are willing to do?


I’m open to suggestions as to how to proceed.

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