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Insurance claim valuation?

So, some idiot decided to ram the Camry the other night. Not massive damage, but the challenge is to get it valued properly so they don’t write it off - his insurance is going to be paying, I reckon, since he changed lanes right into my rear door.

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The problem is that there isn’t a comparable Camry of that generation currently for sale in the UK, and hasn’t been for months. On the plus side, there’s a five years older previous gen for sale for £2500, which would be an excellent valuation. And similar age Corollas go for £1500+, and the Camry ought to be worth more. On the down side, I suspect I’ll have to fight them when they try and value it based on the non-classic, unwanted more modern ones, which are worth peanuts right now - although there aren’t even many of them with such low mileage.

Anyone know how best to proceed with this?

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