So, some idiot decided to ram the Camry the other night. Not massive damage, but the challenge is to get it valued properly so they don’t write it off - his insurance is going to be paying, I reckon, since he changed lanes right into my rear door.

The problem is that there isn’t a comparable Camry of that generation currently for sale in the UK, and hasn’t been for months. On the plus side, there’s a five years older previous gen for sale for £2500, which would be an excellent valuation. And similar age Corollas go for £1500+, and the Camry ought to be worth more. On the down side, I suspect I’ll have to fight them when they try and value it based on the non-classic, unwanted more modern ones, which are worth peanuts right now - although there aren’t even many of them with such low mileage.


Anyone know how best to proceed with this?

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