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So here’s the deal... Buying a classic car in MD, which the seller would like me to pick up tomorrow (I live in PA). Seller and I know each other well, so he’s ok with me driving it back with his plates rather than getting temp tags. The question is insurance: typically I’d just call my provider, add the car, and go on my way, but being a classic car I’m going through a different agency, and it appears photos and 1-2 days’ processing time are required, so I can’t just kick it in on the fly. As such, he’s also given me permission to drive it home under his insurance.


So here’s the question: does that work?

I was told by one person (an insurance agent with an obvious conflict of interest) that this would not work. Basically that, having signed over the title, his insurance would no longer be valid and I’d be more or less driving uninsured (though I believe my own insurance has some considerations for this). Now I’m pretty sure that’s not true, and that as long as he doesn’t cancel it, his insurance follows the car. (Also, another insurance agent told me last week that I can’t insure a car that isn’t parked at my home address, and I know that one’s bupkis, so anecdotes from insurance agents aren’t worth much to me these days.)

I figure somebody’s got to have done this before - any words of experience would be greatly appreciated. Have a picture of an MGB for your trouble (not this particular one, but the car in question looks a lot like this).

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