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Insurance/Legal Question - Post-Accident TMI?

So, this is related to happened back in August. Now that I've finally got a tiny bit of extra time (sort of, but let's be honest, not really) to deal with it, I sent over a bunch of bills, records and receipts related to medical issues resulting from the punt.

Both Austin PD and my insurance company said it was 100% the other party's fault for making an illegal turn in front of the Lulzcer, so I'm handling medical claims through the other party's insurance.

They've received my big ol' fax of all the records I have yesterday, so today I get a response asking for:

  • Treatment records from each visit
  • Itemized bills with CPT codes (Can someone translate "CPT" into non-medical-office-worker speak?)

Mind you, most of the paperwork I sent over was totally fine when I logged them through my own insurance's personal injury protection policy—sans the need for extra information.

Most of the documents I sent over were receipts from visits that showed—in general terms, but with enough detail to show I'm not trying to bill auto insurance for unrelated issues—what was being examined. Exception: one office was able to log directly with my insurance for PIP, so I have a letter from them with the reason for treatment and dates of visits.


I'm very cautious of overly-ambitious asks from insurance companies, seeing how I was originally asked for access to my entire medical records from both insurance companies. (Yeah, that's a no, and I find it extremely offensive that companies even ASK for that.)

I'm also quite guarded of my privacy—what ain't nobody's business ain't nobody's business.


So, Oppo legal/insurance types—is this actually necessary information to process the claim or should I politely tell them to mind their own business?

I'm in Texas, so I'm probably going to ask the Texas Department of Insurance what to do in this situation, but I figured I'd put the question here just in case anyone has any advice and follow up if TDI* has anything to say.


*Sidenote: I'm so disappointed that I'm not talking about turbodiesels with this acronym that it's not even funny.

**ETA: TDI said it was a fair ask, but if I'm concerned about privacy, I can ask to see if they'd take alternative documentation instead of records from my visit.

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