Insurance Oppos - Finally a Verdict

Three weeks (!) ago, I posted asking you guys to educate me on the process of totaling out a car. Lots of great insight, so thank you all for that.

Well, the insurance company has reached a verdict and has decided to total my wife’s 2012 Nissan Rogue. Their initial offer isn’t too bad, but from what I’ve been told from many others is that it isn’t anything set in stone - meaning it’s negotiable, much like buying a car.


Can anyone give me any tips or tricks as to how to maximize the value of my wife’s car? Should I mention any recent work/maintenance we’ve done on it? It is a vehicle that we were planning on keeping until it died, so we had been doing a lot of preventative maintenance on it as well as anything else that needed doing. We were the only owner of it as well.

Quickly following will be the eventual “What the hell should we buy” discussion.


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