My wife was rear-ended in her Nissan Rogue last week by a young girl (supposedly not texting) in a Camry. The Camry definitely looked like toast and had to be pushed from the scene, but the Rogue was damaged, but driveable. My wife took it to a bodyshop that day who went ahead and provided a quote for repairs of $5500, including a bit of frame damage.

Visibly (I’ve only seen pictures), it doesn’t look like terrible damage. The bumper cover is ruined and needs replaced, the rear hatch has a little bit of damage, the force put on the bumper did damage the quarter panels, so those will need straightened out too, and the exhaust will need repaired.

Her Rogue has now been thrice crashed: first time was her fault rear-ending somebody, second time she was rear-ended and now the third time she was rear-ended again. It is (was) in relatively good condition, but did have a few scratches here and there. The only thing it has ever needed was routine maintenance, so while it wasn’t a fun car to drive, it has been reliable and useful. It has about 125k miles on it and is a 2012 model.

Given its higher mileage and history, part of me wonders if the insurance company is going to total it. Is there a rule? Google-fu shows me that if the damage exceeds 75% of value, they generally total it out. If they total it, how do they arrive at a value? Would the value of the payout for her Rogue be diminished because it had been damaged previously?

Assuming insurance uses replacement value, most comps for her Rogue (age + trim + mileage) seem to be in the asking price range of $9000-11000. Is that a range of what the insurance company would be likely to offer?


I asked her to file the claim through our insurance company, who would then subrogate it through the other driver’s insurance, figuring this would be easier on our end. In subrogation, how would that work if the car is totaled? Would the other driver’s insurance company arrive at a value and then it’d be up to us to accept or try and hold out for more?

Potentially totaling a car is completely new to me, so any advice you guys/gals have is appreciated.