So the girl that hit my SHO (her fault) was not listed on her insurance. When I called their insurance to recover my deductible (I can do this in MI) they asked me if a Bertha S. had hit me, I said no it was a Karissa S. (names changed, except for the first letter, I needed inspiration from somewhere after all). They had no knowledge of her driving this particular car, or any car on the policy, they also had no knowledge of the accident. Furthermore the car was insured in a state about 3 hours away. Karissa is/was using the car as her daily driver.

You are supposed to tell your insurance where you park the car at night. You are supposed to be listed as a driver at the very least.

But Karissa wasn't listed as a driver, she wasn't even on the insurance and she was dailying the car 3 hours away from where it was supposed to be parked at night. Insurance fraud?

Also, is she considered an uninsured driver? Since she isn't listed on the insurance to her car (and she likely isn't on the policy of any other car either).

At the end of the day her insurance ponied up my deductible real quick, but I am very curious what you guys think the consequences might be for her...