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Insurance update

As a follow-up on this rant...

So over the holiday my ex kept pestering me to find out if I had done anything about her insurance problem. I had attempted to check online to see if I could pick up the car and driver on my current policy (USAA) but hit a snag with the online quote system and it told me to call in. I hate calling in, but I finally did this afternoon.


The bottom line is: since the car isn’t in my name, or actually in the daughter’s name, for either the title or registration, they won’t let me add it to my policy. The daughter could apply for her own policy and she’d get approved since both her mother and I served, but to add to my policy? No.

I texted that answer to the ex-wife and haven’t heard a peep out of her, but I figure the way things go that I’ll hear from her in a day or two.

I keep going back to my previous stance on co-signing for a car loan for the youngest two years ago. I refused then, since it was a bad financial move, and I was proven right. My dad commented that this seems par for the course for my ex and that she really needs to let someone else make financial decisions for her. This is her hole she dug and she needs to find her way out of it. I will do what I can for the kids, but she’s hung me out to dry too many times financially and I refuse to support her poor decisions. Dad keeps asking me where the ex’s money comes from. I don’t know. I don’t want to know...

The only solution I can come up with is to secure my own used car loan for the remaining balance on the Mini, pay off the current loan and get the title and registration re-done in my name. That’s an expensive proposition and not one I’m really willing to undertake. If the ex simply paid the car off, had the title and registration issued in the daughter’s name then I could help insure it...

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