Other driver started a claim on my insurance first thing yesterday morning. Not a big deal, except she lied to insurance on everything. She said that she was maintaining her lane and that I came out of nowhere and spun her out. She also claimed that I admitted complete fault at the scene. Both of those are absolute lies and insurance saw through it. They doubted it as the damage didn’t make sense and it wouldn’t make sense that I just came over and spun her out, as I would’ve had clear view. So I give my statement and they believe that as it lines up with the damage and makes more sense. Sent them my dashcam video and last night they called to confirm that she is 100% at fault. An adjuster is going to inspect my car on Tuesday to authorize payment and then my car will be getting a new fender and the S trim bumper on Oct. 28.

As an aside, I realize that my actions were not as defensive as they could have been. I could have gone back into the other lane, although I had someone behind who was going faster than I. Additionally, I didn’t brake hard because I had a semi behind me. I did brake before contact, but it’s hard to notice on video. At the scene, she admitted to not shoulder checking and she didn’t use her signal. You all may not agree, but like I said, insurance is 100% in favor of me.


I do appreciate you all being respectful in your comments, as I have gotten significant amounts of hate on YouTube and Reddit. Thank you for being such a great community and realizing that not everyone drives exactly perfectly and knowing that some drive even less perfectly than that.

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