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Intake fix on the E28

One of the main cosmetic items that has bothered me since buying the E28 (just over a year ago now) has been the intake. It has the right intentions but Home Depot execution. Here is what it looked like before this weekend.

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Photo: Me.

Stock airboxes are around, but not necessarily cheap for ones in good shape. I wanted to keep the “cold” air for now, maybe go back to stock later. Once again I enlisted the help of my brother in law.

We set off Sunday afternoon to the local auto parts store in search of some aluminum tubing that would work. The general plan was to find 15" or so of 3" tubing, then figure out the rest. We found a “Spectre” brand intake kit that was just about right. It took a few attempts, but we were able to find the right fittings and location to get it installed without having to bend the tube. There are a couple of ports on it, which I assume are for either mounting or a temp sensor, we put one to use as a mounting point.


The original “cold air” surround was cheap galvanized metal that literally looked like it was taken from a bucket. Using some aluminum sheet metal my brother in law cut and bent a new surround, and we mounted it to the side and front of the engine bay.

Photo: Me.

It doesn’t look perfect, but I think if I paint the aluminum a flat black it will blend in better with the rest of the engine bay. And it looks miles better than the dryer vent tubing that was in there when I bought it.

Easily +5hp. Now if I only had an Oppo sticker for another 5hp....

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