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Intake Update

As most of you know, I’ve started into “solving some issues” I have with the new van. The biggest of those is the lack of punch below 4k rpms.

After researching and searching, I’ve found deleting the intake resonator is netting excellent gains on the Pentastar engines, especially in the low/mid range.


So I set out to build something seeings performance parts for the Grand Caravan are non-existent. When I left you last I had the resonator deleted but still had the factory flex pipe in place:


Since then the rest of my pieces arrived, so now the flex pipe is gone as well.

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Not the prettiest, but it’s functional for the moment. Now that I know it gives me the desired result, I plan to get some 4" piping bent up (anyone know a guy?) to go from the TB to just inside the air box, where I’ll also remove the garbage factory filter and replace it with a good cone on the end of the pipe.

This should give me the best results as it will be a short ram intake, but it will only pull cold air from the bumper as it will be housed within the stock box.


So far this “mock up” has given me hope.

The throttle response that is always annoying on these is greatly improved with almost zero lag.


There is a noticeable bump in punch from 2500-4k rpms.

More aggressive sound, noticeable but not obnoxious.

Consistent 1.5-2 mpg bump in economy.

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