My sophomore year in college I got my hands on an 87 Acura Integra LS. 5 speed manual, 4 door hatchback, and the prior owner’s irregular aftermarket leather interior done in Mexico. (No louvers, Zoidberg) I beat the living shit out of that car. I drove it across country twice with my dog, and explored the southwest (college in Colorado) in that car. I put 120000 hard miles on that bitch in 6 years and she never fucking wilted. Not one mechanical failure, even when I treated it like a rally car. (Not to mention a crazy girlfriend who liked to kick the shit out of it). At the end, my father told me I needed a new car. I drove it home to LA from Vermont after law school and my parents neighbors complained that it was an eyesore parked on the street.

Pour one out for the dead cars that served us well. You know you have one.