Well I guess it’s not really an update, since It’s not a multi-faceted project or anything. More of a report on the conclusion to the execution of a single point improvement in the comprehensive experience of the vehicle.

Anyway I got the the UV film on all four side windows. I still haven’t done the hatch, more on that in a moment.

I’ll admit, it’s not a great job, but I’m okay with it. I’m glad I did the UV film instead of actual tint, because then it really would’ve looked like shit. The hardest part is getting the edges right. I had a pre-cut kit and my first fuck up, mostly pertaining to the 3/4 windows, was not cutting them further. See the outside portion of the glass is larger than the inside. I compared the film to the outside thinking they were the same, but wound up with excess that got bunched up underneath the weather stripping. You can’t see it from the inside, but on the outside it looks like shit around one of the edges.

Not ideal


Thankfully I rectified this, for the most part, on the other 3/4 window. By cutting the film a little smaller than necessary. You can see the gap between the film and the bare glass, but you definitely have to look for it. No picture of it because with the lighting in the garage you can’t see it anyway.

The front windows went much better. This time I applied the film, with the excess laying over the weather stripping, and then cut it. Which gave a much more satisfactory result. I still had a little bit of it not laying flat, but that’s really the only defect with that window.


Taken in portrait, because FUCK YOU!

I just re-did the passenger window, because somehow I wound up with a bunch of excess in the middle which I couldn’t work out. Thankfully when I ordered the kit, there was an option to buy a second set for 20% of with your order. Which I did. The second time is much better, but I accidentally put a couple of small creases in it. But they’re fairly unnoticeable.


Moral of the story: UV film is pretty doable yourself. Of course some of you perfectionist are probably loosing your mind right now, and to that I’ll say;

1) As you can tell in the first picture, it’s pretty unnoticeable from 5ft away.


2) 75% of you would do a better job than me. Particularly the one’s who would be super bothered by stuff like this. So don’t worry.

I’ll also add that for doing actual tint. You’re probably better off taking it to a pro.


Oh, one last thing. I’ve already tested it and it’s 20 degrees cooler inside after sitting in the sun for at least two hours. And that’s with nothing on the hatch and no reflective thingy on the windshield. So after those two, I’m confident the temps will drop another 20 degrees. Since that’s probably more glass than the side windows.