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Interacting with Border Patrol when going to an Oppo Meet

As part of CoFL’s #content for the recent PNW Oppo meet in B.C I figured I would tell the story of my interaction with Border Patrol going from the US to Canada. When crossing the border, there is an officer in a booth that you have a quick interaction with before being allowed into the country. Depending on the security/threat level at the time, you might get more or fewer questions. In this instance there were just a few but it was funny considering the circumstances.

BP: Where do you live?

Me: Los Angeles, California.

BP: Where did you come from today?

Me: Seattle.

BP: Where are you going?

Me: Vancouver and then to Whistler for the weekend.

BP: When are you leaving?

Me: Sunday.

BP: Who are you meeting with?


BP: Where did you meet these friends?

Me: (MORE INTERNAL PANIC) On an internet forum. (This sounded super sketchy to me and I wondered if I was about to be strip searched and deported)


BP: Have you ever met these friends in real life?

Me: (DOES HE THINK IM A TERRORIST GOING TO A BOMB CONVENTION??) Yes, in Seattle a few months ago (I’ve met CoFL before in Seattle so it was true!)

BP: What kind of internet forum?

Me: For cars.

BP: What kind of cars?

Me: Weird cars I guess?

BP: Uhh okay, have a nice stay then!

Me: Thanks.


It was much more benign than my internal thoughts were saying of course but it was still a funny interaction to me. Explaining to border patrol that I am meeting with random internet strangers that I share memes and stories and pictures with. Thankfully I didnt get murdered by internet strangers and it turned out to be a great group of fellow enthusiasts. Maybe next time at the border I should worry less since it really wasnt as stressful as I was making it out to be haha.


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