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Interdasting - advice

I interviewed last week for a job that I kinda sorta wanted. Im kind of ready for a change from video but I thought I would look around for video jobs to see if mixing it up would stoke the fire. Well the group I interviewed with is an agency, which means a ton more work and hours...but it would be a change of scene and a chance to make some connections and move up.


I didn’t think I interviewed well and didn’t really care. The amount of work seemed like it wasn’t remotely worth the pay and so when they asked me to follow up with them with a different portfolio I didn’t and kinda figured that was the end of that.

Well I got a call today asking for a follow-up interview. hmm. So what do I do? I know I don’t want the job...pretty sure I don’t...and where Im at right now is a bad time to negotiate (we just finished a 2 year long reorganization like, a month ago).


Thoughts? Just go for it and try and use it as leverage anyway? if it backfires and they don’t buy into it then im stuck between showing that I was only interested in the job as leverage or going to a new company I have no real interest in.

Of course Im still actively looking at programs that get me out of video anyway.

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