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Been digging through the older bits of my minis history (I’ve still got the 6000 mile service voucher!) and found something I didn’t know about. The car was sold through a company called Axial Technical Services Ltd, rather than a Rover dealer like I was expecting. In the limited research I’ve done so far on them, they were a company which either supplied rental cars, or cars to Rover employees (different sources say different things), though I’m leaning more towards a Rover employee supplier, since I can’t imagine any rental company still using minis as late as 1999. I know the chances are slim, but if anybody here knows anything about Axial or what they did, it would be interesting to hear, since it would be cool to find out more about my cars history beyond service records and what’s happened in the time I’ve owned it


EDIT - I’ve done a little more checking, and the postcode Axial Technical services is/was right next to where the Mini factory in Oxford is. This makes me think that whoever owned this car probably also built it. Neat.

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