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Interesting epidemiological info out of Johns Hopkins

Not sure if this has been posted before. Gotta say I’m not too surprised at the US mortality rate compared to western European countries. People conflate poor access to healthcare in the US with poor healthcare overall. That’s not always the case. Also, what the hell is going on in Belgium? They haven’t been in the news at all over here. Almost 3x the number of deaths per 100k people than the US. There are eight European countries with a higher deaths/100k than the US. That surprised me a little bit, considering how we’ve been told that we were late to the game. I was also surprised that the UK now has more deaths than Italy, and has a similar death/100k which is almost twice that of the US. We’ll see if we catch up or not after all these protests. Pretty shocked to see so many people crammed together in NYC. Tear gas can’t be good when you’re possible fighting a respiratory infection.


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