Interesting Finds

So after getting in a discussion about this article on vehicles people keep for 15 years:


I decided to keep tabs last night on my way home from work. Here’s the breakdown as I counted:

63 GM vehicles.

48 Mopar vehicles.

47 FoMoCo vehicles.

8 Mazdas.

5 Toyotas.

3 Jaguars.

2 Hondas.

1 Subaru.

1 Mercedes.

1 BMW.

Most of the GMs/Dodges were still pretty nice looking, the FoMoCos were a mix batch. Strangely enough, the Mazdas were all very clean. 1 Toyota was nice (OC would have flipped for it), the rest should have been junked years ago. The Jags were all mint. The Hondas shouldn’t have been on the road, nor should the Subaru or Mercedes. The BMW was a clapped out 318.


Thought these findings might interest someone. Have a Toyota failing for your time:

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