My stepdad suffered from a little spatial misjudgement when entering an underground car park the other day. Apparently this is after he tried to buff it out. He never buffed out anything himself, always made me do it, so I don’t know which products he used or tried to use. All I know is that at some point a black sharpie was involved!

Anyway, today he sent me a copy of the repair estimate, which totals the car. I read it with a grain of salt because I know that one of his business partner always “knows a guy”, but let’s see how it breaks down:

BMW E61 2010 525d Touring Automatic, high spec (HUD, radar cruise, auxlliary heater “Standheizung”, Nav Professional, pano roof, logic-7 stereo and so on...) w/ 225k kms. The estimate for buying a similar car is € 9.6k which seems a tad generous.

Repair cost including a new door, new rear 3/4 panel/wing, and the usual bits and bops here and there is € 7.5k.

It also states that the unrepaired car is worth € 4.2K. Aaaaand they already have a buyer lined up who’s willing to pay exactly that. His address is somewhere in Eastern Europe. Hmmm...

I’d say, pull out the dents, a little bondo and some paint and it looks like new for 2k tops, but what do I know? So now he wants me to find him a new car while he is skiiing in Austria (with his write-off), but he hasn’t decided on a budget yet. Nope! I’m not Automatch Tom, give me a budget and then we can talk.