So there is a new TRD pro Tacoma coming and the “big news” apparently is the snorkel.


1. Its for dust. Most of you know this, but I’m telling you again...this isn’t for deep water crossings.

2. comes with an interesting bit of fine print


It’s exactly as aftermarket as the current offering from Safari or anyone else, the only difference is that its been branded Toyota. In fact I would guess it’s actually made by one of the current snorkel makers.

So If you’ve been holding out to buy a Tacoma to wait for the TRD pro?

  • Buy a TRD off-road
  • Put real tires on it
  • Buy an Icon suspension kit
  • Buy better aftermarket armor
  • get a snorkel of your choosing
  • Buy the TRD pro grill if you really want I guess
  • Save money


Turns other new hotness with the TRD pro line is stupid, fake, ugle, tacked on hood scoops.


man that looks bad.