Interesting Issue (Fixed)

Since I’ve been driving the van again, I’ve noticed I have a belt squeak. In searching for the squeak I’ve noticed my crank pulley wobbles. The wobble in the pulley is causing my belt to squeak since the belt rubs on the pulley as it wobbles. I can’t get a good video of it, but hopefully someone has an idea.

Looks like this when running:

Which has me thinking my HB is bad.


Got a new harmonic balancer last night. Pulled the old unit, which to my surprise was a simple single piece unit, I coulda sworn it was the 2 piece like the 3.0s (sorry, tripped as I snapped the pic, too busy trying to get shit done to snap another):


Got the new one on:

Installed the belt and fired her up, wobble gone, belt squeak gone. Took a little over 30 mins to swap. 

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