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Interesting (maybe not really) legal question: Drugs in your rental car

I may have posted this before, but I can’t remember and it seemed like an interesting question: Let’s say it’s 10pm and you’re on a business trip. You’ve schlepped through an anonymous airport somewhere - Cleveland or Sacramento or Memphis or Hartford - and made it to the rental car lot. You’re a frequent renter so you hardly have to deal with anyone to pick up your car. You got an e-mail with the spot when you landed, and there it is: A dark silver Chrysler 200. You chuck your stuff in the trunk, give your license to the attendant on your way out, and head for the Hampton Inn. It’s late. You’re tired. You miss the speed limit 35 sign and you’re doing 53.
A gleeful cop pulls out behind you and you curse a bit but get your documents together and wait with your hands on the wheel and the car in park. The cop is having a bad day/decides to be ornery/thinks you look like an ex/doesn’t like the color of your skin and decides to search the vehicle. You say “fine, whatever” because you literally just picked up the car.

Little do you know, the previous occupant was mid-business-deal and had to get out of town in a hurry; there’s a kilo of coke tucked into the spare tire.


How screwed are you?

This question has been turning over and over in my head ever since I heard from a rental car attendant that they find a lot of guns and drugs in rental cars.

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