-It’s only 2 feet longer and 5 inches wider than the Azera, but actually offers visibility. The Suburban being a fullsize SUV with a big block, 3rd seat, and massive amounts of storage behind that third seat.

-It’s less than an inch taller than my Dad’s old 2WD Ram 1500, while having much more ground clearance.

-Even though my Dad’s Ram was the shortest possible version, it was only a foot shorter.


-The Suburban is an inch narrower than the Ram.

-If we forget about the Vibe, the Suburban displaces more than the 4Runner, FiST, and Azera combined. That said, the FiST has a better torque per pound average, coming in at around 9 pounds per lb ft vs. 13.

-Even though it weighs a full 1200 pounds more than the Ram, it is much more nimble because Chevy thought it would be a good idea for it to be less easy to flip over, so it has competent sway bars.

-The Azera is far more difficult to drive, due to lack of visibility and any semblance of road feel.

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