I’ve never seen someone take this approach to selling a vehicle, short of something extremely special, perhaps. But even then, I can’t think of a dedicated website for a single item like this.

*I am in no way affiliated with the seller or anything, just a chronic boat browser.*

Granted, it’s built on GoDaddy’s website builder which is probably very simple to use, and like, $50 gets you the domain and the builder tool for a year or something (this is a wild guess, I don’t want to look it up). Still. Craigslist is free. Anyway, here’s the link:


Also, nice price. This thing looks excellent, and something comparable these days is closer to $90k, not $9k. Sure, it’s got wood structure under the floor, etc. but that can a last a long, long time if cared for properly, which this shows every sign of.

Anyway. I had a blast skiing this weekend, but I’m also ready for spring.

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