Interesting Test

I tried a few times yesterday to do that CarHub test, but I assume all of Oppo was too and it would never load. I was able to get on there today and I don’t see how those questions match up to a car, but it did come up with good matches. Unfortunately they were a little wrong because if it isn’t at least a V8 of very powerful V6 turbo thingy then I would have to pass.


1 and 2 do nothing for me, therefore I would end up with #3. But stupid Jag didn’t think a V8 and manual go together, so I end up having to drop to #8 before even considering the car. But that was new cars $0-70k. What about used?

Hot damn 2, 4, and 5 would all be on my list... But where are the real powerful coupes?


24-26? The Corvette only gets 50%?! Those questions obviously skewed the answers because they didn’t ask how badly you want to DD ridiculous cars that will make you hate life until there is that perfect road... There should definitely be a, “Would you daily drive a first Gen Viper in the rain with the top off?” and “How do you feel about roll cages?”


Perfect Garage:

1994 Dodge Viper (stock)

2009 Corvette C6.R (GT1 w/ LS7.R)

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