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Interesting trade offer

I need to run something by the hive mind. I’ve got my scooter up for sale, I’m asking $1350 (hoping to actually get $1200). The reason I’m selling it, is to put the money towards buying my buddy’s Yamaha Zuma 125. I’m open to trades as well. Normally the trade offers I get are more comical than anything, and I enjoy a good joke. When I sold my Elite a few weeks ago, somebody offered me a compound bow and arrows. Yesterday I got a very reasonable offer, a ‘99 Honda Passport (Isuzu Rodeo). It has 160k miles, looks to be in pretty clean and serviceable condition, has a 3" lift, kinda ugly wheels, and supposedly everything works.

Now, I don’t want the vehicle. But I’m being offered a fully functional 4x4 in trade for a scooter, so the idea of taking it and flipping it does intrigue me. It’d also be a huge pain, and I’m up to my ass in a kitchen remodel.


What are Oppo’s thoughts?

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