Interior is Clean

The crown vic is now less crown ick as the interior is the cleanest it’s been in years. I’m still a little grossed out by how much black came off the steering wheel. The floors aren’t spotless (by the time I finished, the water really needed to be changed out because it was just spreading dirt) but it’s a whole lot better.

If the seats weren’t still damp I’d be tempted to back it outside and at least rinse it off

Here’s the before picture from my earlier post - notice how the seat is dirtier, the floor mostly salt and mud, and the steering wheel super gross and I thought it was just stained not that dirty eww.


As a bonus here’s the passenger’s floor mat which cleaned up well too (there’s no mat on the driver’s side since I haven’t found one that doesn’t slip around on the rubber flooring and be annoying/dangerous).


It’s hard to beat a scrub brush, simple green/water, and a shop vac for this sort of thing.

Lest this cleanliness misportray the crown vic, here’s a reminder of what the rest of it looks like.

The shadows hide the hole where the arch meets the door sill and the complete lack of the bottom few inches of metal behind the trim

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