Interior showdown: Volvo XC90 vs. Bentley Bentayga

One starts at over a quarter million dollars and is the de facto ultra-luxury SUV (sorry Dartz). The other is attractive and well-designed. Zing! Comparison pictures below

Bentayga backseat
XC90 backseat
Bentayga side profile
XC90 side profile
Bentayga front and center
XC90 front and center
Bentayga door details
XC90 door details

Okay, pet peeve time.

Quilted leather ≠ luxury. I don’t care how many hundreds of hours Bentley’s press release says it took to get the “perfectly hand stitched rectangular diamond fiber overlay” just right, it’s still tacky. Any competent upholstery shop—as well as many DIY’ers—can easily get you a diamond stitch on your seats if that’s what you want. But it’s more commonly seen on beat-to-shit Z’s, Miatas, Hondas and the like that have been modded half to death by a steady string of teenage owners. Come on Bentley, you can do better than using the same tired design tropes for what should have been a breathtakingly extravagant interior that blows the competition so far out of the water they don’t survive the landing. In fact, I’m so dissatisfied that I’ve canceled my order. I hear Rolls just unveiled a new Phantom...

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