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Internet PSA: F1 vs NASCAR Pitstops - Let's Drop It.

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Stop comparing them and whining about one being better than the other. Each squad does the absolute best with what they are allowed to do - both are impressive.


F1 has no refueling, one lug, 12 tire guys, two jack men, eight nut guns, and a dozen other guys standing around waiting for something to do. Even when they did refuel, it was what? Flightline couplings and 4 gallons a second, or something like that?

NASCAR has gravity refueling, five lug hubs, five tire guys, two nut guns and a jack from NAPA, and have to fucking hustle.

So please stop it. They are both awesome.

Here are two more videos, showing an analysis of each. (F1 video is a little old, it has refueling and those silly wheel brake cooling fairings) A good pit stop back with refueling was limited by how much fuel they needed. The tire changers were always done long before the fuel guys were. It was usually 7-8 seconds of fuel.


It was scary at the end of every one of them. Car on the ground - first gear selected - impatient driver in the car holding at 8,000rpm staring at the lollypop, asking himself "Can I go? Can I go? How bout now? Now? Can I go I NEED TO GO!!!!" The lollypop man (head mechanic) knew this, and was waiting for his cue from the fuel guys. Not for a thumbs up, but for movement. He knew that as soon as they tugged on the nozzle to remove it, it was time to release the car. The delay in the driver's reaction would match the action of the nozzle and off he went.

The scary part was when the fuel nozzle stuck, and the head mechanic released the driver when the hose required a second tug. It happened often enough that the cars now leave with enough fuel for the race.

I don't know a terrible amount about NASCAR stops. Maybe someone can share some details in the comments.

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