So I on occasion receive emails intended for other people who have a similar name to me. Sometimes I receive notifications that I have signed up for TikTok or other sites for which I have no memory of doing so.

Now it’s possible I’m doing it in my sleep ala Fight Club, but when I sign up for an Adult Website, purchase a DVD entitled Transsexual Stepsister, and ship it to Colorado... that’s next level considering I can’t even get myself across the Pacific Ocean right now. My inner Tyler, needs to keep those 2 week quarantines in mind.


From the information Tyler provided for shipping and notifications, I could find out that my alter ego is 64, I know where he lives, his phone number, and his taste in porn (I wouldn’t have thought I was into that, but I’m obviously repressing since I’ve got this alter ego). Edit: a quick internet search gave me an email address for him without even paying a site as it’s Tyler’s name with the domain (I understand this. It’s a grown up thing to do, and it’s why I get this sort of stuff once a month or so.)

The only good thing about Tyler’s internet skills is that he I paid using Tyler’s paypal instead of saving a CC#.


I’m wondering if I should call Tyler and leave myself a message to just create a throwaway email to use for that stuff.

Or should I sign myself up for all sorts of telemarketing... It is an election year after all.


Seriously though, is it such a big deal for this guy to use his own email for it? it’s 2020, COVID19 is a thing, and that DVD showing up in the mailbox then sitting in his house is way more likely to be seen by someone than an email he just deletes, or sends over to spam.

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