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Into the 350 we go

Made some more progress tearing down the 350 today, got the intake and valve covers pulled.

I have no good excuse for the drill press sitting on the floor

Someone wasn’t great about oil changes, but I’ve seen worse.

I feel bad for my shop-vac already

The areas around the exhaust crossover are pretty coke-y and the low spots in the heads have some sludge buildup. I’m not concerned (yet) about the condition of the bottom end; but I’m suspecting based on apparent mileage alone this will be in need of a bore.

Not the kind of coke you hope to find... err... so I hear...

Next up will be pulling the rockers, pushrods, and lifters. If I’m lucky I’ll have the heads off soonish to actually survey the bores. I have a lead on a good machine shop from a coworker, will give them a call before too much longer. I want to get this stripped and out of here (to be tanked/bored/honed) so I can clean up (anyone want an intake, an exhaust manifold, waterpump, some heads, and/or other odds and ends?) and get back to working on the front end of the car. I’d like to be done disassembling before I start putting the engine together and begin refurb’ing all the stuff for the front of the car.

I also really should finish the hardware storage solution I got started with before tearing into this car...

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