Tomorrow is Labor Day, so I will be laboring my new-to-me M3 through the path you see above to get a better feel for my car for a DE event on Saturday at the Summit Point - Shenandoah Circuit.

Don’t be shy, little M3. Say hello to the wackjobs.. I mean, sexy bitches of Oppo!
Vanity plates. Also, notice my sunflower patterned acupressure flip-flops.



I haven’t had time to really drive it even though I bought it over a month ago. Work and other life things have been fuego. I’ve only been mowing it around the burbs in Burke and Great Falls. Although there are some twisties there, there’s a lot more jackassery afoot around them parts so I’m heading west as suggested by a co-worker.


Quick details on the route:

  • Starts in Annandale because that’s where I (and universe) live.
  • Taking 66 West until I hit the exit for Route 17.
  • Route 17 South then heading west on Route 211.
  • 211 gets fun after Sperryville; taking it until I-81 North.
  • I-81 North then taking exit to Edinburg.
  • Getting on Route 675 which eventually connects back to 211.
  • Route 675 is fun.
  • Doing all this while avoiding traffic w/ sight-seeing grandmas on Skyline Drive.
  • ... May stop for breakfast at the Manassas Cracker Barrel.
  • Duration: ~4.5 hrs.

I will say, I’ve played a lot of simulations of my car through various games. I’ve watched countless hours of footage of my car since it was first put on showroom way back when. My initial feeling is that it’s so very very comforting, and somewhat rewarding, to know that it drives like I thought it would drive. It’s a weird sensation. It’s good.