I’d been looking for a truck to have around for trips to Home Depot, house projects, all that sort of stuff. More accurately, my wonderful wife has been looking for a truck, and I’d been stupidly saying things like “we don’t really need one”. A little while back I decided to stop looking a gift horse in the mouth, and got a 2006 Tundra with 230k on the clock! It was a bath/kitchen remodeler’s truck, and seemed well used, but not necessarily well loved. Oil changes were probably all it’s seen. In fact, it had a misfire show up right before the PPI, which turned into a stall before we agreed on the price. It would misfire, stall, then resume working perfectly after you turned it off/back on. So, we took that risk that it wouldn’t be something like a head gasket, talked him down from his asking of $4750 to $3500, and rolled the dice.

Of course, the first shop we took it to said head gasket. And so did the dealer after that. But I talked to the dealer mechanic, told him how the truck behaved when it misfired and stalled, and he agreed it didn’t sound like the gasket after all. So they kept the truck for another day, tried to duplicate the misfire, and finally said fuel injectors. Then the computer that controls the injectors. Then no, actually none of those, it was a clogged catalytic converter causing the cylinder bank to overheat (which is why they said head gasket in the first place). So they fixed that, an O2 sensor, and every replaceable fluid they could.

Then it was detailing time. Shop vac + Griots Garage interior spray + chemical guys brush that attaches to a drill. Repeat until dirt stopped coming up from the fabric. Outside got a wash, clay bar, then polish which some chemical guys polish/paint corrector. Brought some life back!

Tired, dirty fender
Happy, refreshed fender


Last was the bed. It was the worst part of the truck.

In need of help

Some hours with a wire brush, some degreaser, then Rust-X, and we were ready for the bed liner.


Ready as I could make it

On a recommendation from a fellow Oppo, went with Herculiner, and it looks great.

Needs another few days to finish curing


Time to start doing Truck Stuff!