Greetings Oppo! I’ve been lurking here and Jalopnik since about April 2014 and finally decided it was time to make some contributions myself! My name is Austin, living in the PNW (any Oregonian oppos out there?). I do a little bit of a lot of things I’m sure oppo can appreciate, backyard mechanic, welding (prefer to TIG), operating machinery. On the other side of the spectrum I do a bit of engineering/inventing, landscape designing and also aquascaping. Big time animal lover, my animal family consists of a black lab, Ebony, a fat orange cat named Pooter, a 40 and 90 gallon freshwater fishtank, a 125 gallon reef tank with 20 gallon sump (just recently aquired and set up, may do a short post on it later if there’s any interest) and 20 gallon saltwater aquarium.

Now for the good stuff. I’ve been into cars since I was but a wee youngin, starting out on granturismo 1 on the original Playstation. My dad also exposed me to cars quite a bit and through my childhood owned some pretty jalop vehicles including a 41 Willys, some sort of brown Willys pickup, 71 Maverick Grabber, 2 foxbody Saleen sc, a modified Model T dragster that ran high 8’s and a c6 z06. He’s currently building a 55 Chevy pickup with the engine from the dragster, which I come out to help with installation and fab work now and then (post on this coming soon as well).

As for my car history, I started out with a 2001 Mazda Tribute lxv6 that I half purchased, half inherited from my mother when she purchased a 2010 Toyota Venza and the dealership offered her only two grand. A little while after my 18th birthday I sold the mazda for much more than two grand and purchased a 1990 w124 Mercedes 300e, it was a very high mileage example, and a chunk of the head right behind the timing chain actually broke off and lunched the m103 engine. That said, the car was extremely well engineered and I would buy an example with lower miles in a heart beat.

Now, I consider myself a pretty business savvy guy, but the one large purchase I made that I regret was those knock off monoblocks. For what I paid I could have had real deals in the color I had originally wanted, silver. Lesson learned.


My current car and daily is a 1985 BMW 635csi. I’ve done alot of work to this car since purchase, there’s way too much to say about that car and is for another post, another time.


Here it is, next to my father’s z06.

That’s all I can think of for now, if anyone has any questions, feel free to ask in the comments!