Introducing: The €170 Alfa Romeo

After a long time of back and forth with the previous owner, it has finally arrived on my doorstep.

It is a Alfa Romeo 156 1.8 TwinSpark, leather interior (I think it has the Momo leather seats, have to check though)

Yes that is a big ass subwoofer cable running to the non-existant subwoofer in the back
Note the big dent on the rear quarter panel

the pros of this car:

- it was €170

- It is in okay shape for the amount of km’s

- runs and drives pretty well


- 278.000 kms

- untamable aftermarket alarm that has a mind of its own

- engine has a ticking sound, I suspect it is on it’s last leg (not sure)

- sat for 2 months

So what are my plans with this thing? The APK inspection has expired, wich is needed to make it road legal. supposedly it ‘only’ needs a wheel bearing.


To get it on the road, would cost about 300 euros (€70 part + €220 gov. tax for registering). The timing belt has no history, and it states on the engine that it was last replaced at 157.000 km. This car is now at 278.000km. The timing belt service interval is 60.000 km. So timing belt would need replacing too.

the fuse panel cover is actually in the boot.

So what is my plan with this thing?

Inspired by a few comments and a Chrisfix video, I was thinking of stripping this thing and parting it out for a profit. I will probably keep the seats, as they are pretty nice and could serve another purpose. I am doing this mostly for the experience, because I’ve never deconstructed a car before. Profit would be a nice bonus.

Please ignore the taped rear window, thats another story.

The parent’s Subaru did really well, even though the combination of car+trailer was nearing the limit. Low gear really helped at speeds below 80 km/h.

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