As anyone who’s handled a 30+ pound flywheel knows, the ring gear really cuts into your hands. This, combined with the fact that I’m taking my flywheel to be balanced this week, lead to the creation of this holder from some scrap wood.

Purchased when I first swapped the 4-speed into the car, this meets my demand of “inexpensive SFI-rated flywheel” despite the questionable capitalization of “CHina” - which I definitely read in Donald Trump’s voice every time I see it.

As a bonus, it will keep it from sliding all over the place in the back of the car. A good use of 5 minutes, I’d say.


(I’m also taking the rocker studs to have about .1" taken off the bottom threads so they actually fit; see previous post. This will be done at no cost to me, since this is the shop that spec’ed those studs, which is nice.)

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