Introducing the new whip in the light weight division!

I found one!!!

Introducing my new DD. A 2014 Fiesta SFE. More on the engine in a minute, but damn this thing was hard to find. All of the SFE models I’ve found thus far carried a HUGE premium over the standard 1.6 4 cylinder. But not this one, no sir!


First a little about it. For those who don’t know, the SFE is how you get Ford’s 1.0 ecoboost in the states. (I think also the focus, but I have’t seen any). Amazing little engine. Weighs just over 200 lbs, and has the same foot print of a sheet of A4 paper. Tons of little touches to extract every mpg possible without resorting to hybrid tech. As a result, my first trip home last night got 44 mpg while doing California Freeway speeds (75+).

This one in particular is a candy red 2014 sedan with 43k on the clock. Yes, I agree to hatch looks much better, but I couldn’t pass this one up. I paid (drum roll.........) $6,000 for this still under warranty red beauty. The guy I bought it from flat out admitted to me he should have listed it for more, but honored his price since I drove 3 hrs each way to see it. Worst case, I can flip it for about 2 grand and come out laughing.

Yes, both my vehicles are red and both have a displacement of 1 liter

Not that I plan on it. This thing is such a hoot to drive. The 3 cylinder buzz is awesome and combined with the turbo noises, I was smiling like no one had the right in a fiesta doing 80 mph +. This engine only comes with a 5 speed, so you can wring it out for all its worth. Its surprisingly quick. Its no ST, but certainly faster than the standard 1.6 and without the Ford DCT nightmare.


Plans? Right now it is at the mechanic. It was low on coolant when I picked it up and running warm, and the cap to top it up was busted. So they are fixing that and pressure testing it to make sure there was no damage done before I bought it. If there is, its still under powertrain warranty, so I shouldn’t be too expensive a fix (fingers crossed).

It also needs tires. Trying to decide if I want to stay with the super economy ones, or go for something a little stickier at the expense of millage. Currently leaning towards the former.


It could also benefit from new wheels and maybe lowered a bit (the steelies aren’t really doing it for me); try to extract all the mpg’s possible, but that might be falling down the rabbit hole.

More in depth review to come once I get some more miles on it! What do you guys and gals think?

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