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Introductions (UPDATED)

Thanks to everyone for playing, and congratulations to the Barbarian for getting (almost) all the right answers!

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I'm Benjamin, my friends call me BJ, I live in Montreal - but I won't tell you which borough - and I like cars, trucks, motorcycles, and basically anything with a motor. I'm married, with children, and work on Java web applications and e-commerce websites for a living.

Original post:

You know what? I'm too lazy. But I imagine that a lot of you are clever, funny, and have more free time than I. So here's my challenge to you...


Use your leet hacker skillz and introduce me to Oppo.

  • You figure out my name, you get a point.
  • Tell me where I live, another point.
  • Make, model, and colour of my car? Two points.
  • What I do for a living for three points.
  • Bonus round: name my favourite hockey team. Tip: it's not the team here in town. Three points for a correct answer, minus two points for incorrect answers.

That should be enough information. No need to get creepy and dig up my shoe size or my preference between boxers and briefs! I'm looking forward to your right, wrong, and ridiculous answers.

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