Hello to all. Since I'm new here, I decided it would be best for me to introduce myself before creating a bunch of random posts about random things. First of all, however, I want to thank $kaycog and all the others who authorized me the other day on Fractal Footwork's What Happens When Car Buying Is On The Case (sorry for taking over your post!) Anyways, lets begin with some facts about me, my family, and our cars.

If you did not notice already, my name is Alexander Moore, and I am 14 years old, birthday August 3, 1999. My family lives in the South San Francisco Bay Area in the San Jose/Saratoga region. My interest in cars began with the diecast construction vehicles on my first birthday cake, and continued after that. As a result, I am also a dedicated diecast collector, with what I think to be nearly a thousand cars (or soon to be.) I am also a violinist, having started at age 4 at my musical parents' persuasion, and have been playing for the past ten years.

In my family there is my dad, my mom, and my younger brother. Let's start with Dad. He is a software/computer engineer and Oboe teacher (mostly as a passion) and is reasonably knowledgeable on cars but not as interested in them as I am. However, this means I can sometimes converse with him on cars and he will actually listen and understand, and(by the way) he can drive a manual. My mom is solely a piano teacher and appeals to my interest in cars by picking up car magazines at the local library magazine exchange (cuz she's too frugal to subscribe to any, being Asian and all that) and asking me random questions about cars she sees. My younger brother is 12 years old and while he has absolutely no interest in cars whatsoever, he is fascinated by Lego and their Bionicle series as well as Star Wars and reading random fantasy novels. We have a Russian tortoise who I imaginatively named "Leafy" when I was five, and he is supposedly about my age. We also rent a room upstairs to a guy who helped build our house and is an old family friend who we call "Uncle Dan". Our garage is his workshop for his woodworking and metalworking projects, and oftentimes we go to him for help in building a school project out of wood. I am of Caucasian and Chinese descent, with my dad being half Cajun French (with a bit of Native American) and half Polish-Russian and my mom being Chinese through Taiwan.

My dad's parents are normal Caucasian grandparents who shower us in gifts whenever we visit (in my case, all the Matchboxes and Hot Wheels I could want!) However, my mom's mother, although divorced from her husband, is an incredible woman who can be quite eccentric at times. She is a retired accountant turned artist and paints incredible oil paintings, Chinese brush paintings, and silk scarves. She is a wonderful cook and also loves travel, leaving either the country or the state every other month or so (!) and through her is how I have been able to visit Taiwan, China, and nearly every country surrounding the Baltic Sea on a cruise (including Belgium, where my great aunt lives, and the UK-no France though). She also is part of the Worldmark timeshare system and so she often takes us on travels using her timeshare points.

Despite her love of travel, she's not the best driver, totaling her Maxima when rear ending a van at a stoplight just because "the light turned green and he didn't move." Then there was the time she tore off the bumper on her new Civic, then she high centered her Civic at a gas station, and….. Supposedly she says she's going to give her car to me when I start driving but first of all: a) It's a 2010 automatic Civic sedan (actually probably best considering I can't drive manual yet and I won't have time to learn until later, and she might total it before I start driving) and b) She keeps damaging the car in some way or another :P


Anyways, our family cars that my parents own include a 2005 Odyssey EX-L, bought new, and a 2001 Volvo V70 T5, bought used in 2011/12 (I don't remember). We used to have two Volvo 740s, a black 1990 Special Delivery sedan GLE, and a 1989 blue, turbo, manual station wagon (!). Unfortunately, after years of me being a stick in the mud, my dad donated them both to our local school's music program since they had been sitting for many years and had several problems. The black sedan was an automatic, and none of the gauges worked (pretty common for those Volvos) and it wouldn't shift out of fourth into fifth on the highway. The blue one had mostly mechanical problems that my dad could fix but he had no time and besides, I decided that if one was to leave, they would have to leave as a pair.

That's all for automotive history and family history and now for some history about me on Jalopnik. I started reading about a year ago, started posting a few months ago and discovered Oppo at the same time, and now I'm finally posting! While I love all cars, I'm particularly interested in Saabs, Volvos, Hondas, and Lancias as well as most stupid, minor, or obscure details and cars I may see. Again, thanks to all who granted be authorship and here's a link that really helped me in this post:


After that, picture time!
(Note: All pictures in this post are from my Dad's picture blog, since I don't get a phone till I start driving...so in future posts, all pictures will be from Google, with image credits.)

That's my brother in 2004 at the wheel (not literally) of our old 740 sedan.


There's my brother and me creating massive traffic jams when we were little (I'm in the blue.)

That's Leafy.


Legoland Volvo driving school!

There's our Odyssey in Sequoia Nat. Park :D


Again, at roadwork in Sequoia Nat. Park

Mom, dad, and younger brother


Asian grandma, teaching younger brother to play solitare...

Me, as I appear today!

Update: I realize this isn't LALD, but I have a question concerning diecast: does anyone know a reliable source for either Majorette diecast or Tomica Limited? I'm working on compiling my Christmas list... :D