Investing in N52s

I bought another N52! This time wrapped in a smaller, lighter, and prettier package!

The details: It’s a 2010 BMW 128i in Crimson Red with gray leather interior. This is nearly a no-option car. I think the only options not standard on US spec cars is the leather and black dash trim.


The good: It’s a naturally aspirated straight six rear-wheel drive coupe with a six-speed manual transmission painted in a color not on the grayscale. It’s also about as simple as a modern BMW can get with no options, which is perfect to me. It was a great price at least in my opinion at $7200, most likely because of...

The bad: 133,000 miles, at least a couple previous owners, and not much service history as I picked it up from a dealership (who seems to have no interest in providing history or second set of keys). Right rear wheel bearing is BAD. Bad like I could hear it womp-womping before we left the parking lot for the test drive bad. Valve cover gasket leaks pretty good. Decent dent on the back left fender. Tons of touched up paint chips on the bumper and hood. High-pitched feedback or something coming from speakers even with radio off. 1-touch window feature only works on driver’s side when going down. Rear-view mirror is all loosey-goosey due to a broken plastic piece in the ball-socket attachment. Blinkers don’t click off after making a turn meaning I have to flick the stalk after the turn (annoying, but I’ll just join the faithful and stop using them).


The why: I went to another HPDE in June in the 328i and really enjoyed it which had me wanting to tear into the car. Problem is I specifically bought the 3 series as a sporty DD that can still haul coworkers, family, kids, stuff, etc. So even though we were in the middle of buying and selling houses, I started car searching. This one popped up in my area, wife said absolutely not with us trying to close on a new house, so I bought it 3 days after closing. Woohoo!

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