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Now that our house is paid off, the wife and I are looking at starting to invest some money. We’d prefer to invest into companies that we “like” and that are also profitable. I’m a big fan of new emerging green tech like geothermal, wind or vehicle tech like Rivian, Rimac, VW/Hyundai getting on the battery train. I’m a big fan of ICE engines but I also can see what people are looking towards. And people my age and younger are leaned towards batteries. I’m a big fan of hydrogen, but not sure most of North America falls that way.

I’m also a HUGE fan of 7-11... not sure how to buy stock on the Nikkei yet

Wondering if anybody has any electric production, transmission or new usage companies I could be looking into. Rimac and Rivian are currently pre IPO investments, and I’m just starting to look into Climeon Geothermal. I’d also be game for commodities like Iridium, Lithium, Palladium, etc. Things related to the sector.


I’m open to hearing about anything that I should look into, that a reasonably “responsible” human could invest into. I’m a big fan of Northrop Grumman jets, but I don’t think I could invest in things made for blowing shit up and killing people as an investment. I come from a coal mining town, and work for an oil field related company, but I’d probably shy away from the old guard too.

Mutual funds, and bonds are okay too.

Illustration for article titled Investing Questions?

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