Odd comparison? I beg to differ:

- Both cost me between $90-100 per month (cell phone plan, vs. lease special)

- Both are completely electric

- Both will be soon or are already obsolete

- Both of mine are in white (my wife bought my phone, and I bought the only color remaining when Fiat ran an insane lease special was white. I hate white phones/cars)

Let the games begin.


The iPhone 5C is slow and outdated. From a dead standstill to reading 6 SMS messages takes about 45 seconds given all the software bugs, and given the fact that I receive mainly funny pictures via SMS/iMessage.


The Fiat on the other hand goes from 0 to 30mph in about 2.8 seconds - this thing is seriously fun from a standstill. Then acceleration drops off and it just sort of accelerates mildly.


The iPhone 5C handles superbly. I’m equally able to reach any key on the touch keyboard, and unlike the iPhone 6 plus it doesn’t appear to be a thinly disguised laptop in gold.


The Fiat 500e also handles - but not superbly. Just rudimentarily. Its tires squeal if you go quickly, and it understeers into trees and confused environmentalists. Its also odd to have squealing tires and no engine noise - more tortured pig than motorsports envy.


The iPhone can go exactly 1 meter between recharges. I have to bring my charger everywhere because it consumes 2 charges per day. I typically only travel 40 miles per day, so it gets about 20 miles per charge.


The Fiat on the other hand gets a consistent 80 miles per charge using A/C and mixed highway city driving. So it gets ... 80 miles per charge. Interesting if I drive uphill like a rally-stage driver I can deplete the range down to about 30 miles.

Fitting into small spaces/Parking:

The iPhone 5C fits into any parking space.

The Fiat 500e fits nicely into my pocket.

Which would I rather have?

This is actually the most serious question. Both cost me almost the same per month, and both are immensely valuable. The phone is a modern lifeline to the digital communications and services world .. order anything, talk to anyone, and consume every piece of digital information.


The fiat on the other hand is the digital connection to the analog world. I take it to see and talk to real people, go real places, and take real (short) trips.

If I went a week without the phone, I’d deepen my connections with real friends, make more of an effort to go physically to interesting places, and gain a sense of relief from not having to be always “on” (I run a car startup called Carlypso.com)


If I went a week without the Fiat I would download Angry Birds 121X “throwing birds at Tyrion Lannister from Game of Thrones ”, and SMS random people pictures of cat gifs.

And that about sums it up - I’ll take the Fiat.