iPhone 7 Battery advice requested-Update it was a bad battery

Update: installed a new battery, charged to full by 4 PM yesterday, was at 83% today at 9 AM with 1 h 42 minutes of screen time. YES!!!

My iphone 7 is discharging by about 50% overnight. The phone is almost exactly 3 years old. My previous iPhone 5 lasted 4 years before it was done. I keep the software updated and this is a recent occurrence over the last few weeks. I have adjusted the push settings so it doesn’t auto fetch data. I have also removed the weather app and that was burning a good percentage of of my battery.


1. Get a new phone, because this one is 3 years old, but it’s been great and I really like it.


2. Get a battery replacement, probably through Verizon or best by. Would probably get a new phone next year around this time as software starts to date out.

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