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iPhone Question

Update: I just talked to Apple and they’re gonna cover a battery replacement for free. Our local Best Buy is doing it tomorrow at 4:00 (I’m two hours away from the nearest Apple store). Maybe they’ll screw something up and have to give me an 11 Pro. 😂

iPhone question: Android people, feel free to continue scrolling.

My wife and I both have the iPhone XS 256 GB on Verizon. We got them two years ago as of September 18. Mine is at 83% battery health and is struggling to make it through the day. Hers is at 86% and isn’t much better. Otherwise, the phones are still great. Our AppleCare+ runs out on September 22.


Should I pay the $69.99 to do a battery replacement through an Apple Authorized Service Provider (AppleCare won’t cover it for free until the health is at 80% or less) on each?

Should I deal with it and see what the iPhone 12 Pro has to offer? Or should I try and snag a deal on the 11 Pro?

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